40th birthday gift idea someone turning 40!

Here is a 40th birthday gift idea that provides plenty of scope for a fun personalized gift for the birthday person.

Luckily a caricature is the perfect 40th birthday gift (even for one of the other big birthdays, 21, 40 or 50th) because the caricature can overtly or subtly celebrate the occasion.

In the case of 40, the saying is ‘life begins at 40’ so a custom 40th birthday  gift is one that allows elements of the person’s previous 40 years to be incorporated into the art.

As a 40th birthday gift idea, a caricature has many benefits including totally custom, full personalization, truly reflective of their personality (we have many artists so an art style to suit), flexible – the art can be printed on paper, canvas, be framed, put on mugs, t-shirts etc, can be fun or serious.

Best of all the process is easy, we draw the caricature from photo, so after ordering just email us the photos you would like us to reference and an overview of what you’d like and we will create something special. We work with you if the idea for the 40th birthday gift needs refining and can also make suggestions if needed.

Here is a sample by artist Luis:

40th birthday gift from Caricature King
click for larger
Here is a sample by artist John

living life at 40 gift idea
click for larger
Here is a sample by Zalo

40th birthday gift caricature idea
click for larger
Here is a sample by Eddie

40th birthday gift idea
click for larger

See lots more general birthday gift caricature samples here  and 50th birthday gift caricatures here


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