The caricature ordering process

I get the occasional email enquiry about the process of developing caricatures. So here is a brief overview.

1. The first step is in the hands of the customer – choosing which artist they like. This is made easier by looking at their sample pages.

2. Next the order form is completed and payment made. Yes we require prepayment as the volume of work means tracking deposits and part payments became impossible.

3. Next the source images need to be emailed. At this time if there are any questions from either the customer or here at Caricature King, they can be resolved. These can include firming up a concept idea etc

4. Next the artist will do a draft which is emailed to the customer. This allows the customer to see the artist’s interpretation and to have any changes made. Nine times out of 10 there will be no or only minor changes required.

This is what a draft from artist Rick looks like:

draft caricature image

5. Finally the artist inks and colours the image.

As you can see the result is fantastic! This is then emailed to the customer. For US and Australian customers there is also the option of ordering a poster sized print or having the image professionally printed and framed.

Caricatures make great gifts. I have been to several events where caricatures have been given and the response from the recipient has always been fantastic!

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