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Evolution of a caricature

Here is a recent artwork completed by artist Harry. The customer is a big fan of Aladdin and Jasmine and wrote: “I want the girl in the photo wearing Jasmine’s costume and the male in the photo wearing Aladdin’s costume. I’ve sent those pictures also to show you which costumes i want. Please make Aladdin’s costume more …

Gangsters caricature gift

Here is a fun caricature, with the ‘victims’ portrayed as a 1920s gangster and his ‘broad’. An old photo from the day was used as the inspiration, plus modern day pictures of the couple. The artist was George who can create a caricature like this for you, or any theme you choose! Caricatures make great …

Great fancy dress caricature

The great thing about getting a custom caricature drawn is you can portray anything you want. Just as well, because this gift caricature has the couple dressed in fancy dress as a pimp and pro. The work was completed by artist John and resulted in a wonderful image that was well received!

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