Sporting team caricature

Are you part of a sporting team and want to promote yourselves, your wins, or just let everyone know how awesome you are?

Think about a caricature for your sport team.  We did one for a basketball team. The have won four straight championships, and at the start of the season just wanted to let the opposition know they are in for a tough time.

Here is the result, in BW so it is suitable for use on a t-shirt.

The client just emailed us and said:

It was perfect timing – our first game of the new season was last night and I had managed to get the t-shirts printed up during the day so everyone was wearing them in the warm ups. The whole team LOVES them – we’re still emailing/facebooking each other about how awesome they are, so please thank Harry again for us.

And thank you for making it all happen.

And their testimonial placed on our site…

Harry did a caricature of our social basketball team to celebrate our championship season, to make a t-shirt for everyone in the team (much like the throwback NBA tees of the 80s and 90s). It was AMAZING. Everyone was in stitches when they saw it. The drawing was unbelievable, and it is so cool to think that we’ll still own these t-shirts in 20 years time. Thank you so much Harry (and Matt for organising it), this is one of the greatest things I’ll ever own!!!

You can get an amazing caricature as well – just browse this blog or visit our main site for more samples from artists.

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