Police officer retirement gift idea – a custom caricature

Police officer retirement gift idea – YES! a custom caricature is the perfect gift if you work in a police force and have an officer who is retiring in the near future and and find  deciding on a personal and unique retirement gift is posing a challenge.

One of the best solutions is to have a custom art gift for the retiring policeman or policewoman and is a gift they will treasure long into their retirement.

The beauty of a custom caricature for the police officer retirement gift is specific elements pertaining to his or her career can be included.

In this example below, the vehicle used in the workplace is used. The number plate reflects the 29 year career and the farewell greeting from the workplace.

Thanks for the memories

Retirement gifts, especially police retirement gifts provides an opportunity to collect and present memories of notable events during their career. These can be notable achievements of pride and satisfaction such as awards and citations. These can be incorporated in the artwork.

Maybe there have been some events of less ‘importance’ but which became part of the officer’s legend. These could be mishaps, funny sayings, or habits that define them during their police career.

Its all about retirement

Retirement is all about new opportunities and for many police it can either provide some ongoing link with law enforcement or a complete change to focus on family or existing or new hobbies or even plans for travel. A caricature can easily incorporate the future, with an acknowledgement to the past service with the police force.

A retirement gift well received

Caricatures are custom artworks and people love receiving them, not only because of the thought and effort that has gone into developing the idea, but also the artist’s interpretation of their photo’s and how they are shown. Responses range from initially quizzical then laughter to instant delight. But always loved!

The artwork will always have pride of place on their wall in their lounge or den.

By artist Shane
custom retirement gift caricature for police officer
Art by Eddie
policeman caricature
Art by George

See more police officer retirement caricature gift samples here. See artists samples here

We use ideas, not templates

We can create any art you wish. We do not start with templates. Details matter, so if you can supply images of specific badges, etc we get those into the art.

Of course we are happy to discuss ideas with you.

Of course  our artists can include a whole range of details so no matter if the police retirement gift is for a constable, sergeant, captain, inspector or sheriff, we can get the ranking right with the help of your photos.

Need some special wording on a badge or a speech bubble with the police officer’s most notable saying? We can do that!


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