Professor Snape caricature picture – get in on the act!

One of the enduring characters of the Harry Potter franchise is Professor Snape.

Good guy in a bad guy persona or evil from start to finish – you decide! professor snape actor image picture caricature

But what about being in on a scene with professor Snape – well you can through the magic of caricature.

What we can do is draw you and Professor Snape together, just like you are one of the characters. All you need do is email us your favourite picture of Snape, that is, how you want him posed and a picture of you. We can draw you as a student or teacher. You can get head and should, just the two of you or both of you in a Hogwarts style background.

We have a range or style we can draw in, with artists skilled in style from realistic to cartoony – the choice is yours!

How do you start on getting a Snape artwork? Simple…just browse the artists styles on this page, click through to see more of their samples then click the flag of the currency in which you want to order.

You will soon be the proud owner of your own custom artwork that will be the envy of your friends!

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