Military graduation team gift caricature

A popular art gift in the military are graduation team gift caricatures of the team that is presented to the trainers for display on their wall. Some military training teams have traditionally had a group photo taken for the graduation gift from the military, but increasingly the trend is to go for something unique, like a caricature.

Here is a military graduation caricature just completed by artist Zalo who was tasked with this request:

We are Australian Air Force undergoing training in the USA, and were looking to get a caricature created of us for our US Instructors, going away from the traditional photo and plaque idea.
Also humour is greatly welcomed. We’ve thrown around ideas of someone laying in the engine intake, and/or riding on top or hanging from the small wings either side of the engine. Or all of the above! Any other ideas you might have are appreciated.

The customer’s feedback:

Caricature King were excellent to deal with. It was as simple as sending photos and guidelines for the artist, and they did their thing. Our artist (Zalo) provided us with a draft in which we could makes changes and suggestions to the final product, which arrived in approximately a week after purchase, and looked great.
Overall a great service is provided by Caricature King and would definitely recommend them to someone looking for an image for a gift or personal use.

This is the caricature art that now graces the training facility!

military graduation team gift caricature

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