Gift caricature for TPYO girls

Here is a commissioned caricature drawn recently completed by Zalo. The brief was to have the two girls looking like they have been hard at work writing a ‘For Dummies’ book on their laptop. The papers and coffee mugs indicate the drafts and time spent and a cameo appearance by the Dummies Man!

After once draft stage, artist Zalo produced this final caricature of writers. As you can see, there is attention to specific details in this gift caricature, like the eyebrow piercings and the green ball the girl on the left is sitting on. Oh and TPYO is just the way the client wanted it šŸ˜‰

tpyo girls

The customers response… “This is outstanding!”

If you would like to commission a caricatureĀ  by caricaturist Zalo, please visit his page on our main site

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