Flash sketching competition – Win a caricature!!

Here is a FLASH competition!!!!

Between now and the 31st May, simply do your best sketch/cartoon/caricature of you/friend/celebrity and LIKE our Facebook page then upload to our Facebook timeline. (Not a member of Facebook? Just email it in reply and I will post it for you). Sketch it using your computer or on paper and scan it, but it has to be your work and not a computer generated thing.

At the end of the month, I will RANDOMLY pick a winner, so if you cannot draw to save yourself, this won’t be a reason that you might not be the winner! The prize is a head and shoulders caricature by the artist of your choice.

To kick things off, I am uploading my sketch of me…(yes this is why I employ artists!) that I did on the back of a piece of scrap paper.

So get sketching and post to this timeline. Good Luck!


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