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Avatars a hit on new site

One of the challenges of featuring people’s photos on a website is consistency. The issue is bad enough when people can be taken in the same workplace, but unless they are taken in a  consistent manner, the results are typically variable, and as a result unprofessional-looking. This is further compounded when the people are in …

Caricatures for your blog

When people think of caricatures, they often think of a comic, rather distorted image that due to its humor is good for a fun gift, but little else. However, if you want to broaden your thoughts on what a caricature is, it can include the term avatar, and mascot; and this is exactly why they …

Group caricatures – an alternative approach

We often have requests for group caricatures from parents who’s children are involved in a sporting team. The typical scenario is that they would like to give a gift to the coach/es showing all the team and the coaches as well. Generally the cost of caricaturing the whole team puts the idea out of reach. …

An unusual caricature

One of our regular clients, ‘Bigfella’, has been keeping artist George busy again. Involved in the magic business after hours, our death defying friend wanted himself posed in the cruicifix position, holding a cobra in each hand, with angelic wings and a space background. He was very happy with the result!

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