Caricature use with a difference

caricature ideaI wrote recently that giving a caricature as a gift can make you a hero in your workplace – everyone will think how clever you are and the recipient will really appreciate the thought.

So here is a caricature with a different story.

Rhonda Lou was doing a tour of company locations to roll out a new training program called “Respect”. (Top marks for the company for doing the training program!!).

To mark her involvement, her boss thought it would be a fun idea to have a special T-shirt printed with her caricature image on it – a sort of a pun on a rock tour.

As you can see the result drawn by artist George is quite fun and the customer liked it as well “Absolutely outstanding! This is going to be a big hit! Thanks much for taking care of this on such a short time frame. We really appreciate it and will think of you next time!”

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