Caricature to signify renewing wedding vows

Tina and her husband renewing their wedding vows after 25 years of marriage. and she contacted us to get a special personalized custom wedding anniversary caricature made to commemorate the occasion.

They did this in a wonderful little church on Lake Como in Italy.

They arrived at the church by ferry and so they are shown in this gentle caricature image celebrating their love on the ferry, with the church in the background.

Tina wrote:

“I appreciate all your hard work and your style. I originally chose you as my artist as your Caricatures are fun, yet still true to life.

Thank you, you are blessed to have such a gift. The picture you have drawn will forever be a reminder for us of the Special Occasion of renewal of our Wedding Vows.

Thanks again
Warm regards


wedding vow renewal caricature

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Ordering is a simple 4 step process after you have selected your artist.




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