Caricature in Harry Potter style playing Quidditch!

Know someone who loves Harry Potter books or films and fancies themselves as a Numbus2000 pilot, or even a Quidditch player (which is very popular game at universities around the world), then you can order something like this (design of course to your own desire!) as a wonderful Harry Potter themed birthday gift or other special occasion gift.

The enduring success of the the Harry Potter book series and the subsequent movie series makes this an enduring franchise. People have grown up relating to all things Potter, maybe because it sparked their imagination as a youngster and this has carried on into you adult life. Even today new generations of Potter fans are emerging, often children of those who read the boos when they were young.

So what better gift for a Harry Potter book series fan no matter what their age!

In this case the customer supplied pictures of the person and also a couple of pictures of Quidditch and broom flying from Google images to use as a guide to have their custom caricature created.

The result – the perfect birthday gift for a Harry Potter Fan!

We can of course portray people in caricature style as any character in the Harry Potter genre or in fact as any movie character!

This caricature gift artwork was created by Harry

caricature in Harry Potter theme - playing quidditch


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