15 fun wedding caricatures

Weddings can be fun or formal and caricatures can be used as invitations, gifts or thank-you cards.

Here is a selection of our top 15 fun ones.

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after the wedding
Its been a great day (George)

wedding got her man
You're not going anywhere!

honeymoon cartoon
Off on our honeymoon!

surprise wedding gift cartoon
By the way, we meant to tell you...

beer at wedding
Bottoms up!

indian wedding caricature
A life of peace and prosperity

bride on a bike
Get me to the church on time

golfing groom, shopping bride
Our future is in our hobbies

family wedding caricature
Come here....my love

black and white wedding caricature
A winning team

wedding invitation
With wording, a great invitation

water stports wedding
Flying a kite on the way to the wedding

thank you card
Thanks for coming to our wedding!

wediing day caricature
We are having a wonderful day!

pregnant bride cartoon
And baby makes three!

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