10 uses for a caricature in business

Looking for something different in your business? Think caricature!!

I have plenty of suggestions, but I’d like hear of  some original, out of the box ideas sourced from the wider community. I’m after a good list and maybe we can refine to the top 10 ideas.

I have started off asking in the Twittersphere and here are some early suggestions from @MissADS08 who’s brain has been working overtime!! Either Twitter to @caricatures or put em in as a comment here!!

  1. We write poems 2 outstanding assoc.’s. A cool caricature that’s framed w/the poem would be awesome 2 show off in the office! from @MissADS08
  2. Internal celebrations, u could use it as part of a kudos appreciation 2 an associate & they can keep 2 show off @ office from @MissADS08
  3. I’ve seen REALTORS use theirs on a car wrap, (signage) @MissADS08
  4. Business card. Avatar. Client gift. from @TimboReid
  5. Another idea is CharAnimals. Pick abt 10-15 familiar animals for client to choose be like. @schay_glover

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