Capturing character with a caricature

Sometimes it does not take too much to create a really nice piece of caricature art. No fancy props, complex background or high tech input.

Here is a nice simple caricature by artist Zalo. It shows that from a photo that is fairly ordinary (especially is others are in it, as was the case in this sample before it was cropped) this can be used as the basis for something special.

A caricature like this can be poster printed, framed, printed onto a T-shirt or coffee mug, used as a social website avatar, blog etc.

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Say “Thank you for coming to our wedding” – with a difference!

Weddings are great affairs, with the organization in the lead-up to the big day, plus those few hours when you are more famous than anyone else in the world and then the honeymoon.

Of course then it is time to say Thank You! to all those people who attended and provided gifts and helped make your day soooo special.

One great way to pass on your thanks is through a fun caricatured thank-you card like this:

caricature wedding thank you card This example was drawn by Zalo. A nice simple style, but of course we have several other artists so you can find a style to suit your tastes. Wording is included.

While we do not handle printing of the cards we do suggest these printers in the USA and Australia.

Caricature gift for young film-maker

Its a nice thing when siblings recognise the achievements for their kids, and this was the case when student Joshua Walsh reached the finals of the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival for his film Pencil Town.

The caricature was also denoting Joshua’s high school graduation plus including aspects of his family, who he holds dear and his keen interest in photography.

Artist Zalo was given the task of bringing this project to life and here is the result (the banner is added later).

Pencil Town

Pencil Town

The final work was well received and sure to be occupying a place of price in Joshua’s room

Fathers Day gift caricatures

Father’s Day is just around the corner – why not give Dad a nice caricature as a gift?

As you can see from this sampling from our artists (click for larger image), we can go any style, and any pose/scene you like!

Feel free to browse our artists for more ideas and order online – all we need is a clear photo!

Caricature for Twitter profiles

One of the appealing aspects for many people about being online is being able to create the sort of persona that you want to portray.

In the case of Twitter there are a whole range of profile images used to create an ‘image’. These range from rather bizarre graphics, to ‘hey look at me I’m some kind of success’ image.

Then there are those who want a good, honest quirky image that is them but at the same time is not really them.

Some time ago we did a caricature for very nice, polite Indian lawyer. Today I have seen how this image is also being used as an identity picture on twitter.

You can see it again here

This caricature was created by artist Zalo (in a more complete form)

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