Framed caricature gift looks great!

There is sometimes speculation that a caricature produced using digital art tools is not as good as one used using the traditional pen and crayon.

But you only have to see this caricature sent to us by one of our clients to see just how fantastic they look!

caricature by Rick

This caricature uses a black mat and a wooden frame (this was framed by the customer – although we do offer framing services for US and AUS customers).

Now is a great time to be ordering for Christmas gifts, or for those who are retiring from the workplace at the end of the year.

Barack Obama caricature portrait on apparel and limted edition print

Show your support for Barack Obama and wear a great apparel item with a caricature portrait created by our talented artist Zalo.

We have loaded up the image onto clothing items at Cafepress, so ordering is a snap. Check them out here.

We also have this same image available as a limited edition print in an attractive frame.

Barack Obama framed caricature portrait

We will only be making 100 of these available, so their uniqueness will never be diluted. The price is just $190 including delivery to mainland US states. Please click here to order.

Father’s Day Caricature gift

custom caricature for fathers day Here is a fun caricature created by Zalo for a gift. The image shows a father and his son who have a hot rodding business.

Part of the brief was to include their barn/shop, the business name and the family crest, plus to show the two men in a fun way that showed the car going fast.

In this case Matt from Caricature King did a rough stick figure concept (yeah that’s all I can draw!!) which was approved prior to the first draft based on that being supplied to the client.

Here is the feedback from the client:


I absolutely love it! Please send Zalo my sincere thanks and appreciation for a wonderful caricature. This will be the best Father’s Day gift that I’ve given my husband yet. He’s going to be blown away. Zalo is so talented. I only wish I had one ounce of that talent….then my pictures might resemble people instead of stick figures J

I’ll be happy to email you back once I give them their gifts on June 15th to let you know their reaction so you can pass that feedback along to Zalo. As for me, I couldn’t be happier with it. Your customer service and ordering process is great. This being my second order, both orders went off flawlessly and I have no complaints. I think you handle things very well.

Again, I’ll be sure to email you with Eric and Earl’s reaction to the print after I give it to them. I’ll take a picture of both of them holding it for your website.

Thank you so much, Matt! I can’t wait to give them this gift.

Julie Campbell – USA

Retirement caricature signature board

Here is a great shot of Dale and Dorothy with their caricature drawn by artist Zalo that was given to them by their daughter as a signature board.

signature board

As you can see she had it printed on a large sheet of heavy paper that people at the retirement even could sign.

Here are some examples by other artists:

These sign-in boards and gifts that can be signed are very popular. We have just made some special arrangements with our US framer to be able to supply a print and frame package that allows the glass to be easily removed thus allowing guests and colleagues to be able to sign on the matting. After the event the glass is simply placed back into the frame for a lasting gift.

If you would like to create a signature board  gift, feel free to browse our artists and then contact me with any questions.

See more retirement samples here

See pricing here


Wedding sign-in board caricature

A popular use of caricatures is to draft the bride and groom and to use the caricature in an element of the wedding. Some use them as date savers, others as the cover for the wedding invitation.

This couple will be using theirs as a wedding wedding sign-in board. What a great way to gather best wishes from your guests and to include it as part of the overall art work.

It is quite simple – all you have to do is make sure you have a nice wide mat inside the frame where people can write. Then after the wedding it is simply a case of replacing the glass for a lasting memento of the happy occasion!!

wedding sign-in board caricature

And yest we love feedback from our clients!

You have been wonderful and I LOVE this picture now. I will definitely be using it for the wedding. I will tell everyone I know how accommodating and professional you and your company have been. I will send anyone who is looking for a caricature your way.
Best of luck and continued success!

If you would like to get a great wedding caricature, have a look at some more samples/ideas on our wedding caricature page