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This is a full color digital caricature self portrait of Zalo Andrez
Zalo self caricaturisation

Let caricature artist Zalo create your gift!

!!Zalo is away on holidays 2-30 August. Orders are still being taken for work to start on his return!!

Black and white caricatures from US$35.00 Colour caricatures from US$39.99

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Drawing in his unique style, caricature artist Zalo has a bold style that capture the essence of the subject's personality.

Zalo is a famous artist in his native land and says that he draws cartoons but doesn't like to humiliate people. He says that when he draws a person, he sees a doll in that person, a doll which shouldn't frighten children. Zalo also does children's book illustrations, works for ad agencies, in addition to completing caricatures for you!

Drawing in pencil and crayon, in both colour and black and white, Zalo draws with good identification of the 'victim's' features that transforms any face into a memorable pice of art.

Zalo draws full body caricatures with a strong emphasis on the head and its predominant features. Zalo draws in two styles - black and white and and hand drawn and hand colored caricatures that are then scanned for final delivery.

  • full body caricatures in black pencil,
  • full body caricatures in coloured pencil
  • groups in colour or black and white
  • some special requests, including scenarios etc

ALL caricatures are delivered via email.

:: Guarantee of satisfaction ::

While Zalo generally does 'as is' work (i.e. no draft stage) Zalo says no doubt you will be satisfied!

:: Samples ::

Click to view samples of Zalo's amazing work!

:: Ordering ::

Ordering either a color or black and white cariature from Zalo is easy! On the order page (links are below), just enter the number of people in the caricature/s that you are ordering in the blue box. Zalo includes backgrounds and props in the price, so there is no more to pay.

You can opt to have a draft stage, which will allow you to be satisfied that Zalo is on the right track - or simply choose 'asis' to accept what Zalo interprets for your caricature. You can choose a black and white caricature, or a colour caricature.

crown (1K) Discounts
If ordering more than one caricature, you can specify the quantity in the ordering process.
Prices are determined per person, with discounts when there are more than two people in the caricature.
Discounts are:
  • 2 people = 8%,
  • 3 people = 11%,
  • 4 people = 15%,
  • 5 people = 20%.
  • 6+ people = 25%
  • Really big groups - quote
The discount is applied on the order page and is shown as reduced amount per person. If you are unsure or have special complex props etc, please contact us
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*Only once payment has been made*, your amazing caricature will be drawn by Zalo before being delivered to you by email.

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Thanks for your ridiculously fast turn-around time. I gave Zalo a loose idea and a crummy reference photo and he did wonders with it :) I will us him again for future projects.

I couldn't have asked for any better!! It is great and everyone is going to love it! Thank you so much! Elizabeth - USA

The caricature is terrific! It's exactly what I asked for and more. Zalo really delivered...a great product and in only two days! Lauren - USA