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Retirement gifts and leaving work gifts

Caricatures make the ideal gift - here's why

One of the hardest things to do is buy a give for a colleague who is retiring or leaving the workplace after making their own special contribution.

This person may have been with the organization for many years and have a significant personal and emotional investment in the work and the people.

Sadly, all too often a staff member who may not recognise the need of that person to maintain some form of connection with work is given the task of organizing the retirement gift. One way to provide some cheer, provide a lasting link to the workplace in a favorable way is to give a caricature.

Caricatures are ideal because they can incorporate the significant aspects of the the person's career, while at the same time having some fun. The significant events or achievement can be related through props, setting and maybe even what the person is doing.

This means that the final caricature can provide a lasting tribute and importantly show that colleagues and management have taken note and acknowledged the contribution that person has made during their time working at that place.

These can be things like devising a new work practice, making a discovery, landing a big account, having some special 'quirks' etc. These can be incorporated into the image. Of course the person leaving may have some special hobby that everyone knows will soon replace the need to go to work. Again these can be demonstrated in some way by the caricature artist.

Of course there are many styles of caricatures and Caricature King has a range of artists are featured. While some artists do all work by pencil and brush, a far more versatile way and growing in popularity is the digital caricature, where a hand sketched outline it then airbrushed to great a great and unique image.

Caricatures are a gift that lasts and will bring a smile and jog a memory for the recipient for years to come.

Retirement caricature gift examples

This was a gift drawn by artist Zalo for a doctor who was retiring after devoting many years voluntary work in medical assistance projects in Africa
becky-rumer-caric (17K)
Heading off to new adventures!

Retirement gifts don't have to just be for when someone ends their working life - also consider when someone is leaving after an extended period of time.

What better way to say Thanks!!