Staff profile pictures more memorable as caricatures

Staff profile pictures are more memorable as caricatures and it is an ‘outside-the-box’ thinking business who decides to represent their staff as caricatures.

Like em? Yes they did!

Thank you! These look AMAZING! I can’t tell you how happy we all are with the finished product

Thanks again for all your help in coordinating this, and please pass along a giant thank you to Keimo as well.

Now is the time – employee profile pics on websites, staff awards, conference pictures, an alternative to photos on business cards… yes we do them all on a regular basis 🙂

As you can see staff profile pictures presented this way multiplies their personality in a fabulous way and one that will set your business apart!

Problem with photos as staff profile images

Don’t have dull studio staff profile images or even worse employee profile pictures that are a mishmash of lighting and backgrounds.

Plus, if you use a professional photographer, you have the big costs and inconvenience of having to get them in, set up their mini studio and lights.

When  new staff join the business, you have to go through the whole process again…

Or the real fail – sending them outside with uncontrolled lighting, a variable background for a staffer to use the office camera…or worse, they give you an image off Facebook!

The solution for employee profile images is simple

For less than the cost of a professional photographer, you can get tailor-made staff profile images created  that will help set your business apart.

As new staff arrive, it is a simple process to have them custom drawn and they will fit in wonderfully with the rest of the team images.

Don’t waste a branding opportunity by just using boring photographs of staff on company website profile pages. Caricatures can also be used on email signatures and business cards.

staff caricatures
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staff profile images


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