The caricature ordering process

Here is a quick run-down on the process between an order being received and the final order being completed.

First we receive the image from the customer. In this case the image is below standard, as it does not sow the face clearly. Ideally a second photo as a close up of the face should have been supplied.


Next the artist completes a sketch, based on the photo and any instructions from the customer. In this case the artist is Shane.


As you can see Shane does a pencil sketch. Some artists are more neat and some do an inked line sketch. Either way, it is to show the artist’s interpretation of the instructions and how he sees the person being caricatured. This is the time for any changes to be requested. In this case is was for the chef’s hat to be larger, more realistically sized.


Here is the final artwork.

As you can see the process is straightforward and you have the confidence through the draft stage of what you are going to get!

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