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Caricatures of dogs

We are often asked if we do caricatures of dogs and other pets and our response is OF COURSE! Here are a couple of examples of dog caricatures. Caricatures of dogs are quite popular because dogs can be such a strong part of the family unit, so having a nice piece of art of your …

A man and his dog caricature

The saying is that a dog is a man’s best friend, and this image certainly shows the love! Expertly produced, it has great detail – truely an original work of art! Order pet caricatures here   Like it? Let us know your thoughts via comments.

The President’s new dog – Bo

I guess that when you have the expanse of the White House lawns to make use of you either buy a dog or a sheep – and President Obama seems to have gone for a mix. We all know one of the problems of dog ownership. This can be made even worse when you inherit …

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