Special offer – caricature from photo by artist Keimo

By | October 30, 2017

Special offer – ENDED

.Are you struggling to find a fun and inexpensive gift for a family member, friend or work colleague?

Most gift ideas suffer from these issues:

  • Gifts lack flair
  • Lacks personalization
  • Are boring
  • Not fun
  • Show little creativity
  • Often expensive
  • No time to go out shopping

A gift idea that really fits the need and will create joy for both you and the gift recipient is a wonderful cartoon-style caricature from caricaturist Keimo.

Artist Keimo loves to let his creative loose and these fun caricatures provide the perfect opportunity to get something fun and unique.

Keimo’s cartoony special offer caricatures provide:

  • Total uniqueness
  • Originality
  • Shows you have flair
  • VERY affordable
  • 100% unique and original
  • Fast digital delivery
  • Print as a photo, onto T-shirt, coffee mug & more!
  • Easy, fast ordering via computer or phone

Get a unique black and white head and shoulders caricature digitally drawn from your supplied photos for an amazingly low price!

This cartoon art style caricature based on your photos is great as a gift or even to use on social media profile pages.

More samples below.

Pricing* and special order links email photos to photos@caricatureking.com


Deal expires midnight July 4, so don’t delay.

All we need are a couple of good clear images so have a look through your computer as grab some. Good shots taken with your phone are also suitable!

Now is the right time… click the link above for the number of people you want.

More people? Email me.

Questions, just ask!












3 thoughts on “Special offer – caricature from photo by artist Keimo

  1. Sherry

    Hi Keimo,

    Was wondering if there is any chance that we could get a drawing done of 6 people completed by Monday August 1?
    Had a drawing done by another company and we are not pleased with it. It is for a retirement party.
    I will email you the pics and the detail immediatey if it is possible
    Thanks so much

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