Six person air force team memento caricature

This six person air force team memento gift caricature was drawn from photos supplied.

In this group caricature there was a need to minimize the number of full bodies – so we simply hid some behind the people in front. Fun posing adds to the appeal!

The aircraft in the background is featured in the base museum and is a notable feature and famous around the world.

This caricature was done to mark the completion of a flight course – a great memento for the students from air forces from around the world!

This type of class memento is a popular item from our military clients including marines, army, navy and we take time to get uniforms, icons, badges and logos right because these are important.

When ordering on our website you get automatic discounts on every order from two people. The more people the bigger the per-person discount.

Art by Luis.

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Course completion caricature
Air force course completion caricature





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