Retirement art gift – caricature

Create something special for someone you know who is retiring.

retirement art caricature

This is what a customer did recently when her farther was fast approaching retirement. As she said:

“He can be in a blue tshirt and jeans, as showed in the picture. He is retiring from working in a machine shop (I do not know the machine – please let me know if you need me to try to find more details about this), he LOVES the Philadelphia Eagles, so maybe some fan-gear somewhere in the background, and he hopes to travel to Italy sometime after retirement – maybe travel brochures for Italy? Whatever ideas you may have for these things.”

Importantly the customer was able to supply not only photos of the future retiree, but also the machinery he uses at work.

Getting details like this right is important in any caricature gift, even down to getting the colour and style of his shirt correct. This level of detail is possible because our caricature artists start with ideas, not templates, so getting inclusions and details right is just part of what we do!

So with the elements known, artist Luis did his magic using the tools of the modern digital artist, the stylus pen and touchscreen drawing surface and used his artistic skills to produce this great retirement gift artwork incorporating the requested items.

If you know someone approaching retirement and wondering what gift to give, think about a caricature, we KNOW people like them and appreciate them.

We can supply the digital art ready to print, poster print or canvas or framed print as options.

Go to to browse the artists or go and see other caricature retirement gift samples

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