Recent big head little body caricature art by Luis

Caricature artist Luis, an expert at big head and little body caricature style has been busy recently.

Below are a few samples of his recent caricature gift artwork.

As you can see he can turn his talent to cover any gift giving need. His big head caricatures are loved by all who receive them!

As you can see important elements of the person can be included with hobbies and pastimes being popular inclusions in the art.

This means that every big head little body caricature is 100% custom to your needs so the art becomes the perfect birthday gift, graduation gift or workplace gift idea.

If you would like to order a caricature online from Luis you can visit his page on our main site where you can see more samples. Online ordering is available in AU$ US$ and £. Other currencies by arrangement.

Questions? Please feel free to contact us


18 birthday computer boy student 21st birthday gamer and girl two baseballers and beer can caricature cheerleader-girl-caricature


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