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Staff caricatures

For many businesses having a picture of staff is one aspect of personalizing the profile page. You are dealing with a company and you get to see the person’s picture. Sometimes however, staff are reluctant to have their photos taken for use on a public website. One way around this is to use a caricature… Read More »

Father’s Day Caricature gift

Here is a fun caricature created by Zalo for a gift. The image shows a father and his son who have a hot rodding business. Part of the brief was to include their barn/shop, the business name and the family crest, plus to show the two men in a fun way that showed the car… Read More »

Barack Obama portrait

Coming soon, a wonderful portrait of Barack Obama – a special limited edition framed print run will be available from next week. This portrait is being made available for supporters of Obama and is sure to become a sought-after collector’s item. This is not a caricature of Obama , but a top quality portrait.

Father’s Day USA – gift ideas

Here are some neat ways from our friends at Personalisation Mall to use a caricature either one you already have or one commissioned through Caricature King to make a great gift for Dad for Father’s Day in the USA: POPULAR!! Ceramic Coffee Mug holds 10 ozs.; dishwasher & microwave safe. You can also have a… Read More »

The caricature ordering process

I get the occasional email enquiry about the process of developing caricatures. So here is a brief overview. 1. The first step is in the hands of the customer – choosing which artist they like. This is made easier by looking at their sample pages. 2. Next the order form is completed and payment made.… Read More »

New caricature gift certificate service

To meet the need of gift givers in a more comprehensive way, Caricature King has just launched a gift certificate service. This option now means that instead of needing to decide which artist and what to include, the gift giver can simply provide a certificate for the service and let the recipient decide. Ideal for… Read More »

Why are caricatures such a great way to fundraise?

Every day community groups, schools, churches and charities are looking looking for ways to raise funds. At the same time they seek innovative ideas – not the usual car wash, cookie dough etc…but something different. Caricature King is keen for community involvement. Being a ‘virtual’ business, this can place a few challenges in our way… Read More »

Friends caricature

When you are very close to a friend and work or other circumstances forces you apart in the physical sense, its nice to know the bonds of friendship will remain. Imagine if your friend is getting married and you are part of the wedding preparations!! This was the situation facing Katie…so what a great idea… Read More »