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3 bears caricature cartoon

Not all the work we do at Caricature King has to do with drawing people. Here is a cute job just completed by artist Shane of some bears getting instruction on setting up camp! Our artists are flexible, so if you have a special request for graphics, cartoons, illustrations or even portraits, feel free to… Read More »

The caricature ordering process

Here is a quick run-down on the process between an order being received and the final order being completed. First we receive the image from the customer. In this case the image is below standard, as it does not sow the face clearly. Ideally a second photo as a close up of the face should… Read More »

Caricature races to a winning position

Caricatures are not often ‘racy’ but here is a racing fast caricature by Rick. The brief was fairly straightforward – “show the man in one photo driving the racing car in the other” Rick can up with the background which the client also loved The picture is absolutely perfect!! Rick, you did an awesome job.… Read More »

Retirement gift caricature

Retirement gifts are often hard to choose but a really great retirement gift is a caricature. You cannot go wrong! Everyone loves getting a caricature. It might be because they get a buzz from seeing how an artist interprets their look, or it could be that they just love the novelty of it. Here is… Read More »