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Caricature wedding invitation

Inviting people to your wedding can be quite a formal exercise. It can be very refined, conservative linen card with silver or gold embossed writing. However, it can also take on some fun, like this couple have achieved with their caricature wedding invitations. Note – surnames have been deliberately smudged Still refined this caricature by… Read More »

Family caricatures

Families are great groups of people to caricaturise. There is something about the relationships that is just that bit different to even really close friends, and this is well expressed in a family caricature. Here is an example of a family caricature completed by Roy a while ago. Roy colours his caricatures by hand, which… Read More »

Caricature of Hillary Clinton

Here is a caricature we did to accompany a story about Hillary Clinton and her new campaign strategy. Anyway here is a copy of the image – a bit of fun take on it, like I said. If you’d like to get a caricature of someone, be they famous, your spouse, boss, or even yourself,… Read More »

Gift caricature for TPYO girls

Here is a commissioned caricature drawn recently completed by Zalo. The brief was to have the two girls looking like they have been hard at work writing a ‘For Dummies’ book on their laptop. The papers and coffee mugs indicate the drafts and time spent and a cameo appearance by the Dummies Man! After once… Read More »