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Caricature as an avatar on your blog

Here is an example of how one client used his caricature on his blog. The file sent was large enough for it to be used on business cards or other uses. The art was drawn by artist Brian (see some more avatar work here) Nice one Jon!

An unusual caricature

One of our regular clients, ‘Bigfella’, has been keeping artist George busy again. Involved in the magic business after hours, our death defying friend wanted himself posed in the cruicifix position, holding a cobra in each hand, with angelic wings and a space background. He was very happy with the result!

How to get a caricature on the cheap

A new development at Caricature King has been the development of a new ‘product’ call replace-your-face. Basically what this means is you can make use of an existing body or theme and have your (or someone else’s) face’s drawn into the image. This means that you can get a full body or a scene style… Read More »

Barack Obama caricature

A new caricature of Barack Obama has been placed on our celebrities page. Here is is: As you can see there has been a bit of distortion on the forehead, accentuating the height and the shape. The eyebrows are bigger and the mouth and cheeks are of course bigger. The chin has also been extended… Read More »

Orders open for New Year Caricatures

Christmas is also a time of renewal – people have a chance to pause, if only briefly to think about the future, about reprioritizing aspects of life and business. It is also a time when we get work related to reimaging of businesses – a new look, a logo or some other form of branding… Read More »

George is now fully booked

We received a last minute caricature order this morning – after the cut-off date. Luckily artist George agreed to fit it in, but without a draft stage. The customer is a regular (this is their 5th order) so I’m guessing they have confidence enough in George to go direct to final. We are still accepting… Read More »

Christmas deadline passed – not all hope lost

Thanks to those who placed their caricature orders before the cutoff. If you have need for a caricature we cannot guarantee pre-Christmas delivery – certainly we would need to forgo the draft stage and proceed direct to final. If you need a caricature, please contact us first. We will do everything we can to meet… Read More »

Christmas Caricature cut off

If you need your digital caricature for Christmas gifts then your order must be received by no later than: Australian time – 4pm Eastern Summer time Sunday 21st USA time – Eastern midnight Saturday 20th/ Western 9pm 2oth London – Sunday 6am Orders will be taken after these times but no guarantees for delivery by… Read More »