A famous person and me caricature!

Sometimes we get asked to draw a caricature of someone alongside some famous person, even if this never occurred in reality….and this might appear to be the case in this instance, except that yes, this guy did actually go for a ride with Jay Leno in one of his antique cars 🙂

With just a subtle hint of a Christmas (the art is going to be used as a greeting card) with the couple’s two cats and of course Jay in the scene (well….it was HIS car!)

The art was completed by caricature artist Luis and he is able to start new orders within days…now is the perfect time for greeting card art, or Christmas gifts – people LOVE getting art of themselves. They enjoy seeing the artist’s interpretation of them.

Our team or online caricature artists can create any scene or scenario for you. Visit the Caricature King website for many more examplesQ

jay leno caricature with friends



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