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Characatures or Caricatures?

No matter how you spell it, characatures make great momentos and keepsakes

Characatures make great gifts. so if you are looking for Characature drawings then you have come to the right place. Our skilled artists draw your characature from your photo!

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george (2K)

Semi realistic style
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zalo (2K)
Hand-drawn fun caricaturist style
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shane (3K)
A fun cartoon-like style
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eddie (2K)
Fun graphic style
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luis (2K)
Big heads and little bodies
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Keimosm (2K)
Classic true caricature style
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harry (2K)
Amazing hand painted style
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alec artist (2K)
Appealing hand crafted style
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We offer a one-on-one characature service where you get your own image ( or anyone's) returned to you as a characture. The digital characture images have a lot of uses - find out about ideas for using characatures here

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A man, his bike and his dog caricature gift art

If anything represents freedom, this custom caricature drown from photos must come pretty close. What finer than a man, his bike and his dog pictured driving through open country (some poetic licence for those places where helmets are mandatory!) This black and white artwork caricature was created as a gift by artist Harry.

Is winter affecting you?

Well for the northern Hemisphere winter has arrived and this guy looks like he needs a jacket. A very cool caricature by artist Alec. Order your caricature today from Alec or any of the team.

Birthday caricature for pilot

Here is a great way to say happy birthday to a pilot with a gentle caricature by artist Harry. As with all jobs we like to get the details right, so it is the exact model and color of aircraft. So other than Xmas, if you know someone with a birthday coming up, think caricature […]

Bigger exaggeration caricature of couple

Here is a  great caricature featuring a larger exaggeration by artist Keimo. The perfect gift for any occasion, birthday, anniversary or retirement! – order yours today  

Caricature of a young woman

Here is a caricature of a young woman created by artist Keimo. A caricature does not need to be too ‘busy’ to have an impact – often a simple image is best. A perfect gift idea for birthday or anniversary. Browse more samples by Keimo here or start at the main site here

I want a caricature of a group, but I’m worried about the price…

A common question is how to make large group caricatures more affordable, because yes price can run away pretty darned quickly (not say of course that this does not mean they are not excellent value for money!) By the time you have 10 or more people in a  group it is really time to be […]

Two hairy friends caricature

As cheeky as a pair of five-year olds, what better way to have a lasting memory of this than with your own custom artwork. This is a fabulous creation by artist Eddie. Know a pet lover? What a great git. All we need are clear photos! See more pet caricatures

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