Don’t like caricatures – have a portrait drawn instead

At Caricature King one of the great aspects of having a team of experienced artists is that they are all so talented.

This means that not only can they draw caricatures, but they can also do work in other genres – including portraits.

There are times when a caricature is not the best way to go for a gift or presentation, while a portrait would be perfect.

For this reason we have decided to have a page specifically for portraits.

These will be idea for formal graduation, family milestone, professional gift etc.

Our artists can assemble people into formal poses working from several photos – even black and white photos, so an unsuitable photo can be used to create a wonderful piece of art!

Follow this link for our portrait page and links to samples.

The caricature ordering process

Here is a quick run-down on the process between an order being received and the final order being completed.

First we receive the image from the customer. In this case the image is below standard, as it does not sow the face clearly. Ideally a second photo as a close up of the face should have been supplied.


Next the artist completes a sketch, based on the photo and any instructions from the customer. In this case the artist is Shane.


As you can see Shane does a pencil sketch. Some artists are more neat and some do an inked line sketch. Either way, it is to show the artist’s interpretation of the instructions and how he sees the person being caricatured. This is the time for any changes to be requested. In this case is was for the chef’s hat to be larger, more realistically sized.


Here is the final artwork.

As you can see the process is straightforward and you have the confidence through the draft stage of what you are going to get!

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New free celebrity caricature – Mr Bean

We are slowly building the numbers of free celebrity caricatures. We have just added Mr Bean to the list.

These are free to use on your website, blog or whatever – but no commercial use. Drop us a like if you use them so we can see.

Here is Mr Bean…what do you think?
Caricature of Mr Bean!

George is now fully booked

We received a last minute caricature order this morning – after the cut-off date. Luckily artist George agreed to fit it in, but without a draft stage. The customer is a regular (this is their 5th order) so I’m guessing they have confidence enough in George to go direct to final.

We are still accepting work for post Christmas work – January can often be quite busy.

In other news I am looking at another artist – different style again. Looking at getting a more classic caricatured look style of artist – deformations etc.

Christmas deadline passed – not all hope lost

Thanks to those who placed their caricature orders before the cutoff.

If you have need for a caricature we cannot guarantee pre-Christmas delivery – certainly we would need to forgo the draft stage and proceed direct to final.

If you need a caricature, please contact us first. We will do everything we can to meet your needs.

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