Caricature King feedback


Feeling a but unsure about ordering. Wondering if others have been happy with their art?
Here is a collection of unsolicited responses from customers.

Of course you can always contact us and discuss your art needs and we will give you honest feedback.

Special from artist Eddie

Here is a great special from artist Eddie – get a free background like in the example below!  As you see this represents a fantastic US$30/A$30/EUR20 saving.

The background is based on your description. Ideal for single person, two people or even a group caricature! Normal multi-person discounts apply!

How to claim your sale price caricature order:

  1. Email your image/s plus what you want to order (i.e. I would like a 2 person in scene – describe scene) to
  2. We will email you an order link to complete your order
  3. You MUST complete your order form before the offer is full. Emailing images only does not qualify as an order and will not secure your discount. You MUST complete the order and payment.
  4. Do not order via the on-site order page – you will not get the discount.
  5. Offer ends May 31.


New samples for artist Eddie

Eddie’s caricature sample page has just been updated with some new samples like this:

You can see more here and start ordering from that page as well

New artist Harry – Special – Get 25% off

Our newest artist Harry is having an Introductory Special.


Here is a selection of Harry’s work:

To get the discount, visit Harry’s samples page and then click the currency for your order.

Once in the checkout, use the code OFFER HAS NOW ENDED and press recalculate to get you discount applied.

This offer will expire at midnight New York time on November 25. 2009 (5am London time, 4pm Sydney time [26th]).

Don’t like caricatures – have a portrait drawn instead

At Caricature King one of the great aspects of having a team of experienced artists is that they are all so talented.

This means that not only can they draw caricatures, but they can also do work in other genres – including portraits.

There are times when a caricature is not the best way to go for a gift or presentation, while a portrait would be perfect.

For this reason we have decided to have a page specifically for portraits.

These will be idea for formal graduation, family milestone, professional gift etc.

Our artists can assemble people into formal poses working from several photos – even black and white photos, so an unsuitable photo can be used to create a wonderful piece of art!

Follow this link for our portrait page and links to samples.