Get a caricature of your workplace superheros!

In any workplace, there are those that do, and those who excel. What better way of immortalizing the hero’s of the workplace that with a superhero caricature!

Here is a great example of superheros, in this case by John, of what can be done (singly or in a group). We can style on an existing superhero or you can invent your own!

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superheros caricature

Company conference caricatures – three hot dates

Company conferences can be tired, drawn out affairs, but when you get a caricature order for caricatures like these, well! This is one conference I would not mind going to.

Seems they are going to have their own version of the Deal or No Deal game and the three company bigwigs (no pun intended) are going to get to be the Case Girls.

The brief was two of the guys always scowl and the other is well, see the ‘Gal’ in the middle and have a guess…all needed garish make-up and look a bit like drag queens (did they ever have hope of looking any other way?)

This caricature was created by artist George. How can you use caricatures in your business?

Three hot dates

Three hot dates

Recognizing employees work efforts

In times of economic downturn, holding good staff is important. Good staff are hard to find and at times like these, other employers will be on the look-out for the best staff.

So an employee recognition program is an important way of letting staff know that you recognise their efforts.

Caricature King has several clients who actively respond to staff effort by way of “Employee of the Month’ or ‘Champion of the Month’ in the form of a fun caricature for the monthly awardee.

Here is a sample of what one employer in Carolina does.

blog sample carolina

As you can see the image produced by artist Rick portrays their work and why they won the award.

We have other clients who reward both staff and every quarter, recognize one of their managers as well.

If you would like to look at implementing a caricature recognition program, please feel free to contact us.

The role of caricatures in business

I was asked to write a few words about how caricatures can be used in business. This is for a client who has a franchise service in the area of business mentoring and development – that is they have franchisees who each have a client list with whom they work.

This client has had a number of caricatures created over the years and saw the opportunity to value add to their franchisees service in an unusual way. We were happy to provide them with a discount as they will in effect be doing marketing on our behalf.

The role of caricatures in business

retirement caricature One of the strongest desires that humans have is the need to be noticed and recognised.

This starts early, with children keen to show of a newly acquired skill or having overcome some fear with peals of “Look at ME!”

Our culture reinforces the need for recognition all through school – many households will have a secret stash of participation certificates for everything from running in a race at school to attending some event.

Modern workplace human resource management now recognises that recognition and reward are amongst the most powerful tools to maintaining a positive and loyal workforce.

In business, reward and recognition provide wonderful opportunities to connect with others, to build or reinforce relationships with staff and to show a little flair!

You may like to recommend to your clients that caricatures can be used for:

Staff Awards
Recognise staff with an Employee of the Month. Quarter or Year award. We have several businesses who have a caricature created (including one in their third year). A copy of the caricature is presented, framed, to the winner and a smaller copy joins the honour board in the workplace. After a number of awards this honour board generate a life of its own!

Retirement gifts
The great aspect of a caricature is that it can include aspects of a person’s history with the company plus aspects of their life in retirement (or wherever they are going!) So suggest to your clients that they break out of the mold and create a fun and highly personalised gift that says, yes we took notice of what you were doing!

Special Achievement
Has someone in the client business done something extraordinary? Why now suggest they commemorate it with a caricature that denotes the achievement!

Member of staff gets married
Caricatures as wedding gifts are becoming very popular. Giving a fun caricature is a great way of recognition and the company logo can be subtly included (where’s Wally!)

Use on websites
Often due to privacy issues staff photos cannot be used on websites. But a caricature can be used to provide an icon of staff.

Corporate gift
What better way can be found to commemorate a deal than with a caricature that denotes all that has been done to get the signatures on paper, or to mark the signing event. Never mind gimmicky products that people tend not to use – why not a great caricature that will look great in any workplace!

Gift caricature for TPYO girls

Here is a commissioned caricature drawn recently completed by Zalo. The brief was to have the two girls looking like they have been hard at work writing a ‘For Dummies’ book on their laptop. The papers and coffee mugs indicate the drafts and time spent and a cameo appearance by the Dummies Man!

After once draft stage, artist Zalo produced this final caricature of writers. As you can see, there is attention to specific details in this gift caricature, like the eyebrow piercings and the green ball the girl on the left is sitting on. Oh and TPYO is just the way the client wanted it šŸ˜‰

tpyo girls

The customers response… “This is outstanding!”

If you would like to commission a caricatureĀ  by caricaturist Zalo, please visit his page on our main site