Business caricature

Have a business? A caricature makes a memorable business card, yellow pages and flier artwork and in this case Notch It Tiling’s Facebook page as well.

Art by John

Are you a lover of cakes?

Yes we do logos…and here is one! The customer says:

“Eddie’s the ONE !!! …Luuuv it !!! Everybody here in Singapore loves it !!! Would definitely attract more clients and would surely generate more cake-profit :) Now, hubby and I are already thinking of having our own family caricature portrait. Watch out for our next email soon. ”

Myla colorsm

Caricature business logo

Here is a logo for a UK business that helps people reduce debt obligations by finding loopholes in financial contracts.

The brief was to have a Zorro like approach with a character a bit like the guy in the Matrix movie.

nodebt logo

This was created as a vector image to allow resizing from business card size to print ads, plus various colour combinations.

See more logo samples here.

Logo design – new artist

Looking for a logo designer?

We have recently engaged another artist to undertake logo design work for web sites and print material.

Everyone needs a good logo for their business, or even for their blog.

As always, you can be assured of prompt service and personal attention!!

Have a look at more samples on this page

Blog mascots and blog avatars

If you have a a blog or are an avid member of one or more forums or are a member of a social network like Facebook, then having a mascot drawn based on your appearance is a lot of fun.

The results can be as close or far from ‘normal’ as you wish:

web mascot image

pretty avatar avatar

As you can see from these samples our caricature artists can create some amazing mascots, avatars, icons – whatever you like to call them!

So why not let your Myspace, Face Book, blog or forum identity be a little outside the box.

Dare to be different!!

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