Business caricature

Have a business? A caricature makes a memorable business card, yellow pages and flier artwork and in this case Notch It Tiling’s Facebook page as well.

Art by John

Are you a lover of cakes?

Yes we do logos…and here is one! The customer says:

“Eddie’s the ONE !!! …Luuuv it !!! Everybody here in Singapore loves it !!! Would definitely attract more clients and would surely generate more cake-profit 🙂 Now, hubby and I are already thinking of having our own family caricature portrait. Watch out for our next email soon. ”

Myla colorsm

Caricature business logo

Here is a logo for a UK business that helps people reduce debt obligations by finding loopholes in financial contracts.

The brief was to have a Zorro like approach with a character a bit like the guy in the Matrix movie.

nodebt logo

This was created as a vector image to allow resizing from business card size to print ads, plus various colour combinations.

See more logo samples here.

Not all caricatures are human

Caricatures are great fun and even more so, often, when they are not of humans.

The artists at Caricature King are a pretty flexible lot….and and produce the goods when asked.

Here are some examples:


This cheeky young filly was produced by artist Shane and is rather cute.



This Aussie darling was created by artist George. Nah – your butt looks just fine!

So if you are after something different, we have the artists. Please note that work for logos or commercial use attract a higher rate.

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