Caricature artist Alec recent artworks

The new guy on the block, artist Alec has a particular quirk that provides instant appeal as these recent examples of his work shows  when he is creating caricatures perfect for gifts.

People have ordered caricature gift art from Alec for many gift giving occasions including birthday, wedding, retirement!

See more of Alec’s work here on this blog or at his sample and order page on the main website.

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Alec caricature art exaples

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Comic caricature recent work by Shane

Comic and cartoony are words that have been used to describe the art produced by caricature artist Shane.

Loved by those who receive his work even if it is for a corporate ‘pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey (see recent work below).

As you can see by these recent jobs, the results are very fun!

You can see more of his samples here on this blog or on his sample and order page on the main website.

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Shane cartoon caricature gift

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Caricatures as party invitations

One way to set the scene for a great party is to make sure people get a great invitation.

Here is a fun invitation that is sure to have people grabbing their grass skirts and diaper bags (well the birthday boy is just one year old!)

Birthday party invitation caricature

Birthday party invitation caricature

This art was created by artist Shane. Think about your upcoming parties and imaging the difference a really cool invitation could make.

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New look wedding caricatures from artist John

Here is a new look wedding caricature courtesty of our newest artist, John. Of course you can have a caricature in any theme you want.

Hand coloured, John’s style is quite realistic in a comic way. You can see more samples here.

These wedding themed caricatures are all drawn from scratch and are 100% original according to your instructions. A wedding theme caricature is great for:

  • wedding invitations,
  • date claimers,
  • wedding sign-in boards
  • gifts for the wedding party (group caricature)
  • to mark the buck/stag night  😉

John also has special prices for large groups – please contact us for a quote.

Don’t like caricatures – have a portrait drawn instead

At Caricature King one of the great aspects of having a team of experienced artists is that they are all so talented.

This means that not only can they draw caricatures, but they can also do work in other genres – including portraits.

There are times when a caricature is not the best way to go for a gift or presentation, while a portrait would be perfect.

For this reason we have decided to have a page specifically for portraits.

These will be idea for formal graduation, family milestone, professional gift etc.

Our artists can assemble people into formal poses working from several photos – even black and white photos, so an unsuitable photo can be used to create a wonderful piece of art!

Follow this link for our portrait page and links to samples.