Caricature gift for young film-maker

Its a nice thing when siblings recognise the achievements for their kids, and this was the case when student Joshua Walsh reached the finals of the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival for his film Pencil Town.

The caricature was also denoting Joshua’s high school graduation plus including aspects of his family, who he holds dear and his keen interest in photography.

Artist Zalo was given the task of bringing this project to life and here is the result (the banner is added later).

Pencil Town

Pencil Town

The final work was well received and sure to be occupying a place of price in Joshua’s room

Left it too late for a caricature gift?

Artist availability update – Roy, Shane and Brian are fully booked for caricatures for pre Christmas delivery.

But be quick! Order ASAP before their books are filled.

But if you think it all might be a bit rushed, don’t forget our Caricature Gift Certificate.

A warning on caricatures

I was in the USA recently and one thing struck me about California – warnings…..

Everything seemed to have a warning notice posted to it. I guess in the most litigious state in the most litigious nation it is the be expected.

So I thought it only fair to post a warning about our caricatures. Here goes:


You are advised that the ordering and presentation of a caricature as a gift in whatever form that features the person or persons for whom the gift is intended is likely to cause many of the following effects:

  • Smiles
  • Laughter
  • Joy
  • Happiness
  • A feeling of goodwill from the recipient towards the giver as an individual or group
  • Look of amazement on the face of the recipient
  • Cheers and clapping amongst the group

Caricature King nor its artists can in no way can be help responsible for the emotional satisfaction that will come from your decision to order a caricature and subsequently present it as a gift.

Here is an example:

caricature gift

So don’t say we did not warn you – caricatures do make great gifts and the giving is a wonderful and memorable occasion!!

Father’s Day USA – gift ideas

Here are some neat ways from our friends at Personalisation Mall to use a caricature either one you already have or one commissioned through Caricature King to make a great gift for Dad for Father’s Day in the USA:

    Ceramic Coffee Mug holds 10 ozs.; dishwasher & microwave safe. You can also have a caption. This is a VERY POPULAR way to use a caricature Read more

  • Our heirloom portrait knits are entirely custom made … this is not screen printing of any sort, rather a true knitted item. Both afghan and pillow are created in stunning neutral black, white and grey tones as shown. What a great way to use your caricature!!

  • Puzzle from your caricature Circle-shaped puzzle includes 72 pieces and measures 7 1/4″ Diameter. Read more

  • Canvas Prints Create an amazing work of art from your caricature with our Photo Memories Canvas Prints. Available in 4 sizes: 12″ x 18″, 16″ x 20″, 16″ x 24″ and 24″ x 36″. What a great way to use your caricature!!Read more

  • Keepsake Watch Send us your favorite “face”, and we’ll reproduce it on the “face” of this unique, keepsake watch. Available in men’s or women’s sizes and gold or silver tone case with leather strap. What a great way to use your caricature!! Read more.

  • Calendar Mouse Pad A must-have staple for every computer user at home or office, our Calendar Mouse Pad now stars your special photo and motivational quote right in the center! What a great way to use your caricature!! Learn more

  • Caricature playing cards Deal yourself in for some fun with your very own caricature playing cards! Your caricature is featured on the back of every card. Only 1 caricature can be used for each deck of cards. This 54-card deck comes in a standard bridge-size. What a great way to use your caricature!!

  • Clutch & Cosmetic BagOur Photo Moments Clutch & Cosmetic Bag is a picture perfect gift for girlfriends to moms. Commissiuon your caricature, bag it up, and take it with you day into night! What a great way to use your caricature!! Read More

  • Canvas Tote Bag constructed of premium weight, natural color, 100% cotton canvas with natural web straps reinforced at stress points to endure small and large loads! Measures 20″ x 15″ x 5″ with squared-off bottom. Machine washable. Imprinted wioth your caricature! Read more

Retiring runner caricature

running caricature
Here is just a quick bit of feedback from a client – the job spec for this full body with props job was to use the picture of the ‘victim’ running (he his also a competitive runner) but to have him holding a laptop – he is always running between meetings and always has his laptop and his favorite soda drink with him.

Matt (and George)!Thank you so much for this – It looks great and I really appreciate you being able to accommodate my request on such short notice.
I have been passing the word on about your site!
Thank you so much! ~ Kristen

Not only was it a quick turnaround, but at the last minute it was decided to color the image.

Sometimes international times zones work in our favor!