A warning on caricatures

I was in the USA recently and one thing struck me about California – warnings…..

Everything seemed to have a warning notice posted to it. I guess in the most litigious state in the most litigious nation it is the be expected.

So I thought it only fair to post a warning about our caricatures. Here goes:


You are advised that the ordering and presentation of a caricature as a gift in whatever form that features the person or persons for whom the gift is intended is likely to cause many of the following effects:

  • Smiles
  • Laughter
  • Joy
  • Happiness
  • A feeling of goodwill from the recipient towards the giver as an individual or group
  • Look of amazement on the face of the recipient
  • Cheers and clapping amongst the group

Caricature King nor its artists can in no way can be help responsible for the emotional satisfaction that will come from your decision to order a caricature and subsequently present it as a gift.

Here is an example:

caricature gift

So don’t say we did not warn you – caricatures do make great gifts and the giving is a wonderful and memorable occasion!!

Framed caricature gift looks great!

There is sometimes speculation that a caricature produced using digital art tools is not as good as one used using the traditional pen and crayon.

But you only have to see this caricature sent to us by one of our clients to see just how fantastic they look!

caricature by Rick

This caricature uses a black mat and a wooden frame (this was framed by the customer – although we do offer framing services for US and AUS customers).

Now is a great time to be ordering for Christmas gifts, or for those who are retiring from the workplace at the end of the year.

Barack Obama portrait

Coming soon, a wonderful portrait of Barack Obama – a special limited edition framed print run will be available from next week.

This portrait is being made available for supporters of Obama and is sure to become a sought-after collector’s item.

This is not a caricature of Obama , but a top quality portrait.

Framed caricature with signature mat

Here is a job from Roy that will be used as a gift for the wedding couple. Its shows them at a favorite hobby and portrays their professions – both engineers, one chemical engineer the other an industrial engineer.

The print size is 14×10 inch and a 3 inch mat for signing. The print is delivered framed but in a way that allows the glass to be easily removed for the signing and then replaced.

If you are after an amazing keepsake gift, a caricature in a frame signed by friends or colleagues is a wonderful lasting keepsake.

We can do special framing sizes and any mat width you need.

Customer with their caricature

While we can sometime meet very demanding deadlines, sometimes our customers show just how quick they can be. This customer picture was sent to us within 24 hours of us emailing it to the customer.

As you can see they have used an attractive wooden frame to show of the caricature of the subject who is about to retire and spend time traveling and playing golf.

Zalo was the artist.

retirement caricature example

And the customer’s comment?

Thank you so much for helping me get such a great last minute gift for my dad’s retirement. It was definitely something he never expected! Zalo did a great job – it’s even better than I hoped it would be. And the customer service I got from Matt was fantastic! I’ll certainly recommend caricatureking.com to my friends and family.

Here’s a picture of my dad with his caricature.

Thanks again!
Joanne Fontenot