Pet caricature art of two dogs a real hit!

Pet lovers are always in search of something new and innovative to include their pets into their everyday lives.

Here is a great example showing a pet caricatureĀ  two cute dogs frolicking and playing with a rope pull toy. It is an image of joy and care-fee freedom

The art was created by caricaturist Eddie. You can see more of his work here and here where you can also order.

See more pet art here

playing dogs caricatures




Pet dog caricature by artist Keimo

Pets are increasingly being drawn in caricature style.

We get orders for art of dogs that will be used on greeting cards, as gifts for pet owners, of dogs gone to the great doggy run in the sky and people wanting a nice artwork of them in a fun style. We even have orders for dog caricatures to be used as ‘wraps’ on vehicles!

Here is a cute artwork of a small dog by artist Keimo. Full of character ready to grace their owner’s wall! Now is a great time to order a caricature of you pet dog, cat, bird….

pet dog caricature

Cute little dog caricature

Here is a cute little dog caricature created by Luis.

Our artists can draw all manner of pets. See here for more!

small dog cartoon caricature

Dog owner caricature gift

Do you know a pet owner who has a gift giving opportunity coming up? (Birthday/thank-you etc) Why not give them some art of their pet.

Our artists can draw any sort of pet and they make great gifts that are appreciated for years to come.

We also offer a poster print, canvas print and framed print options for the complete package.

Browse our artists and choose the one who’s style you like best!

Caricatures of dogs

We are often asked if we do caricatures of pets and our response is OF COURSE!

Here are a couple of examples of dog caricatures.

Caricatures of dogs are quite popular because dogs can be such a strong part of the family unit, so having a nice piece of art of your dog can make a wonderful keepsake! So yes we do pet caricatures šŸ˜‰

caricature of a dog

dog caricature art picture