Caricatures used on personal trainer website

Here is a great use of a some caricature art on a personal trainer website.
We did a couple of variations which you can see used below. Also great for Facebook and Twitter avatars.
The artist was Nathan.

Caricatures as elements for web pages

Today there is a move to reducing anonymity and increasing the perception of the people behind the business on websites.

While some businesses have portrait pictures taken for members of staff, or worse, use stock images, others prefer a slightly less formal and more innovative approach.

One such business is Pantera Tools in the USA.

These clever folks decided to use caricatures on their website and I think you will agree the result is very good.

The caricatures, or mascots or avatars,  are used not only on the main page, but also on several other pages on the website to create a feeling of relationship and belonging.

The artist in this case was Nathan.

Have a look at the rest of the website

click image to enlarge

Avatars a hit on new site

One of the challenges of featuring people’s photos on a website is consistency.

The issue is bad enough when people can be taken in the same workplace, but unless they are taken in a  consistent manner, the results are typically variable, and as a result unprofessional-looking.

This is further compounded when the people are in different locations and do not have a consistent theme.

This was the challenge facing the creator of a new site called

Here, the ‘doctors’ are scattered all over the globe  and bringing a look that created consistency and professionalism was a  bit of a challenge.

The solution was the creation of avatars.

This allows the evening our of backgrounds, poses and lighting to create a result that meets all the needs of a consistent looking site they also conveys professionalism.

Here is a quick screen grab of a few that were created by artist Brian:

avatars as profile pictures

avatars as profile pictures

Have a look at the site. you will see they are used in three different sizes to create a wonderful tapestry.

If you feature staff pictures on your website and feel there is a level of inconsistency, then give a thought to having professionally drawn avatars created. They are also ideal on email signatures as well ;)

Caricatures for your blog

When people think of caricatures, they often think of a comic, rather distorted image that due to its humor is good for a fun gift, but little else.

However, if you want to broaden your thoughts on what a caricature is, it can include the term avatar, and mascot; and this is exactly why they can be so good when used on blogs.

Take this for example:


OK the quality here is a little off as the image size was reduced, but you can see the full sized image here on their blog.

Note also how the images have been cropped and used as avatars for each post. Neat.

So if you are developing a blog, and want something a bit more funky and cool to represent you, then we can help create a fun yet professional persona for you! Feel free to visit our main site or contact us directly

Caricature for Twitter profiles

One of the appealing aspects for many people about being online is being able to create the sort of persona that you want to portray.

In the case of Twitter there are a whole range of profile images used to create an ‘image’. These range from rather bizarre graphics, to ‘hey look at me I’m some kind of success’ image.

Then there are those who want a good, honest quirky image that is them but at the same time is not really them.

Some time ago we did a caricature for very nice, polite Indian lawyer. Today I have seen how this image is also being used as an identity picture on twitter.

You can see it again here

This caricature was created by artist Zalo (in a more complete form)

See more samples

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