Expert crayon-look caricature

One of the great things about our artists is their versatility. Unlike some other caricature sites where they are locked into one style (and even artists locked into the one style,) our caricature artists can turn their hand to most things. This is a sign of a real professional. No dummying it with software gimmicks.

Here is a job recently completed by Eddie. The client has a caricature done many years ago of his father and wanted one of his mother to match it. No only the angular style, but importantly the crayon look and style of paper.

Using his knowledge and experience, Eddie was able to create a caricature that fitted the bill perfectly using DIGITAL techniques allowing rapid delivery.

crayon look caricature

Fun BW caricature from artist Eddie

What better for an anniversary gift than a fun caricature.

Here is a great example in BW created by artist Eddie.

See more of Eddie’s work and order online.

Wedding, Wedding and more Weddings

Wedding are a wonderful time and one that is sometimes captured with something a bit unique!

Here is a selection of wedding caricatures completed by artist Shane.

Wedding caricatures make great keepsakes at the time and even a great idea for a 1st anniversary gift (paper – not that you have to limit yourself to paper as an idea, there are also Tshirts, mugs, calendars and even jigsaw puzzles and playing cards are among the varied items that can be graced with a caricature.)

More wedding ideas

Don’t like caricatures – have a portrait drawn instead

At Caricature King one of the great aspects of having a team of experienced artists is that they are all so talented.

This means that not only can they draw caricatures, but they can also do work in other genres – including portraits.

There are times when a caricature is not the best way to go for a gift or presentation, while a portrait would be perfect.

For this reason we have decided to have a page specifically for portraits.

These will be idea for formal graduation, family milestone, professional gift etc.

Our artists can assemble people into formal poses working from several photos – even black and white photos, so an unsuitable photo can be used to create a wonderful piece of art!

Follow this link for our portrait page and links to samples.

Caricatures on t-shirts

Digital caricatures are sooo versatile. Unlike the traditional paper-based ones that get framed and put on the wall, the flexibility of digital leads to some great fun uses.

Artist George recently completed a group caricature of 14 guys who make an annual trip to Las Vegas during Super Bowl week.

This year, to mark the 20th year, they had special T-shirts with a great caricature printed on the front.

Click for larger view.

Remember – if you have some special occasion that needs something special – think caricatures from

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