Don’t like caricatures – have a portrait drawn instead

At Caricature King one of the great aspects of having a team of experienced artists is that they are all so talented.

This means that not only can they draw caricatures, but they can also do work in other genres – including portraits.

There are times when a caricature is not the best way to go for a gift or presentation, while a portrait would be perfect.

For this reason we have decided to have a page specifically for portraits.

These will be idea for formal graduation, family milestone, professional gift etc.

Our artists can assemble people into formal poses working from several photos – even black and white photos, so an unsuitable photo can be used to create a wonderful piece of art!

Follow this link for our portrait page and links to samples.

Caricatures on t-shirts

Digital caricatures are sooo versatile. Unlike the traditional paper-based ones that get framed and put on the wall, the flexibility of digital leads to some great fun uses.

Artist George recently completed a group caricature of 14 guys who make an annual trip to Las Vegas during Super Bowl week.

This year, to mark the 20th year, they had special T-shirts with a great caricature printed on the front.

Click for larger view.

Remember – if you have some special occasion that needs something special – think caricatures from

Wedding proposal caricature

You can use caricatures for all sorts of things, from saying farewell to retiring work colleagues (or those moving jobs) to thank you and family memoirs.

Another fun caricature that we have orders for are for wedding proposals – either as port of the proposal or as a way or remembering the proposal.

Here is one that caricature artist George created – the client had it made into a jigsaw puzzle and as the last piece was put in place, the groom was there with the ring, in the exact place depicted in the caricature. Was this life imitating art or an artwork of life?

wedding proposal - as it happened.

Of course the proposal moment is special and worthy of creating a visual memory – but how if there is no-one with a camera, or the even takes place high above the ground?

Artist George once again came up with the goods based on the clients brief.

wedding proposal in a baloon

Was the proposal totally unexpected? Don’t lose the moment!

Singing wedding proposal caricature

So don’t let that magic moment slip away. Wedding proposal caricatures are fun!

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A warning on caricatures

I was in the USA recently and one thing struck me about California – warnings…..

Everything seemed to have a warning notice posted to it. I guess in the most litigious state in the most litigious nation it is the be expected.

So I thought it only fair to post a warning about our caricatures. Here goes:


You are advised that the ordering and presentation of a caricature as a gift in whatever form that features the person or persons for whom the gift is intended is likely to cause many of the following effects:

  • Smiles
  • Laughter
  • Joy
  • Happiness
  • A feeling of goodwill from the recipient towards the giver as an individual or group
  • Look of amazement on the face of the recipient
  • Cheers and clapping amongst the group

Caricature King nor its artists can in no way can be help responsible for the emotional satisfaction that will come from your decision to order a caricature and subsequently present it as a gift.

Here is an example:

caricature gift

So don’t say we did not warn you – caricatures do make great gifts and the giving is a wonderful and memorable occasion!!

Caricature Gift Certificate popular for last minute gifts

When it comes to gift giving, time can be our worst enemy. SUDDENLY the event for the gift giving has arrived and that perfect gift, well you want to give something unique, but how and from where is not yet thought about.

Of course we know that the perfect gift is a custom caricature from one of the talented artists at Caricature King.

But as some people discover, it is not always possible to get a caricature in 24-48 hours. Apart from existing workloads, it also takes time to create perfection.

So what to do…..?

An increasing number of people are finding the solution to last minute gift ideas is to give a Caricature Gift Certificate instead.

Easily delivered via email within 24 hours, all you have to do is print it out and hand it over!

caricature gift certificate fpr last minute gifts

The certificate can be for any amount that corresponds to caricature product prices, so if you want to give “2 full bodies in scene, then you can, and the recipient of the gift certificate can then choose which artist they like best!!

Read about how to give a Caricature Gift Certificate