Special caricature from photo offer from artist Keimo

By | July 9, 2017


Special offer- strictly limited time only


Artist Keimo loves to let his creative loose and these fun caricatures provide the perfect opportunity to get something fun and unique.

Get a unique black and white head and shoulders caricature digitally drawn from your supplied photos for an amazingly low price!

This cartoon art style caricature based on your photos is great as a gift or even to use on social media profile pages.

The digital format allows for easy use for printing onto paper, canvas, mugs,t-shirt, cap, beer bottle labels, cake image transfers etc.

Samples below.

Pricing* and special order links

caricature from this photo


Deal expires soon, so don’t delay.

All we need are a couple of good clear images so have a look through your computer as grab some. Good shots taken with your phone are also suitable!

Now is the right time… click the link above for the number of people you want.

More people? Email me.

Click images for larger view

simple1 simple2 simple3 simple4 simple5

school class caricatures

Class students

staff caricatures head and shoulders black and white

Workplace staff



Questions, just ask!






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