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Say ‘Thanks’ to your Groomsmen!

Groomsmen play an important role in a  wedding – least of all getting the groom to the ceremony…perhaps a little worse for wear, but still there.

For this occasion, even if they were not close before, they are a team for this event and a caricature signifying their common cause is a great way to say thanks.

Here is one done recently – the groom and three groomsmen – art by Keimo. Full body and in a scene can also be done.

See more wedding related  artwork

caricature of groomsen for gift

Caricatures with signature mat

A fun way to use a caricature is to have it framed with a wide mat (typically 4 or 5 inches wide) allowing people to sign the matting. Perfect for birthday celebrations (in particular 21st, 40th and 50th), wedding anniversary parties, retirements or leaving the workplace.

We offer professional framing service for customers in America and Australia.

The way it works is the item is shipped in a way that the glass is at the back so the front  mat can be signed and then the item is reassembled so the glass goes to the front.

This is an easy solution situations where a unique gift that allows everyone to be part of is needed.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Indications of matting widths

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Six person caricature

If you are looking at a group caricature here is a great way to minimize the number of full bodies – simply hide some behind the people in front. Fun posing adds to the appeal!

This caricature was done to mark the completion of a flight course – a great memento for the students!

Art by Luis.

Course completion caricature

Course completion caricature


Some inspiration – past caricatures

Here is some inspiration from past caricature jobs by various artists. Clicking on the images will tale you to more of that artist’s samples.

Caricatures are shown often how they would look framed – this is an option from the standard digital ready-to-print product.

Questions? Feel free to contact us

three friends caricature from caricatureking.com engagment caricature from caricatureking.com soccer girls team caricature from caricatureking.com

businessman gift caricature from caricatureking.com caricature from caricatureking.com profile caricatures for website from caricatureking.com

tennis theme caricature caricature from caricatureking.com smiling dog caricature ift art caricature from caricatureking.com wedding gift art from caricature caricatureking.com

graduation girls gaift art from caricatureking.com Relaxing-man retirement art gift from caricatureking.com superBOB caricature from caricatureking.com

family caricature portrait from caricatureking.com motorbike man artwork from caricatureking.com retirement man gift art from caricatureking.com

girl caricature from caricatureking.com framed family caricature from caricatureking.com man caricature from caricatureking.com

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