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Caricatures of surfboard riders

Its been a while but caricatures of people riding surfboards seems to be the flavor of the month. It could be that now is the middle of the Australian Summer, so surfing is on the agenda, but wait, one order comes from Hawaii.

So here are some examples of surfer caricatures. They are different people, in case you are wondering.

Yes, our artists can draw anything, with a great diversity in style , as you can see:

surf board rider surfboard rider caricature

Getting into the new year – caricatures here we come!!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas/New Year break. In some parts of the world it seems weather was the greatest focus, even overshadowing gifts and get-togethers.

So the New Year brings with it renewed hope and a renewed focus on many things, including gifts! At this time of year??

While the big gift giving time seems to be behind us, the early part of the year also presents many gift-giving opportunities.

Often this come from people retiring or moving jobs – caricatures provide wonderful scope for a truly personalised gift that cannot be matched by anything else. How else can you include someone’s traits, quirks, interests and life influences all in one gift?

Our caricatures are total custom. We don’t start with templates, though some customers say a scene just like the one on the artist’s sample page.

And why do people love getting caricatures? Interestingly it seems they like to see how other people see them. They like the bit of quirkiness, and the thought that has often gone into the extra elements to make a good picture great!

So think about who you can give a caricature gift to this year – the opportunities are endless…birthdays, weddings, invitations, retirement, moving job, staff profile pics…

Here is a small selection of some recent work that shows the awesome diversity of styles we can provide to suit everyone!

caricatureartwork caricature gift work custom art artists

Groomsmen on the beach

While we are on the beach we should move up the coast a bit to where the boys are enjoying a pre-wedding party…

When the client send the images, I was a bit unsure about some of the faces that were being pulled. I even emailed to check, but as you can see, really zany facial expressions can make an amazing caricature even more amazing!!

groomsmen gift caricature

click to enlarge

The customer’s comments?

WOW!  John is truly an amazing artist! The sketch came out even better than I expected!  I know the guys are going to love this one of a kind gift!  Please thank him sincerely for me! I never would have believed it could all come together so nicely. I really appreciate all the hard work and dedication you guys put into my purchase to ensure it came out just the way I wanted it to.

photo to caricature animation

Here is a nifty way to see the amazing before and after shown as a morphing. This morph is achieved by taking the original photo and a scaled down version of the final caricature and creating reference points to make the before and after a  seamless transition.

This art was drawn by artist Shane.

Artist changes and welcome new artist Luis

We have had a couple of changes in our artist line up in recent weeks.

Artist Roy has taken on a new life challenge including moving country and as a result has needed to rationalize his activities, so it is a sad farewell to Roy after three years dedicated artistic services.

Artist Rick has also been busy developing new perspectives and another long-time part of our team has downsized his external commitments.

We do welcome a new artist called Luis, who brings a fun perspective to our range of offering, with a big head little body approach. Here are  samples:

See more of characture artist  Luis’ work here