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Unique greeting cards for family and business

Here at Caricature King we are all about being unique.

Unique gifts are the mainstay of our business but also other unique items – like greeting cards and Christmas cards.

While it may suit some to head to the newsagent to select packs of Christmas cards to send to clients and or family members, increasing numbers of people are recognizing the value in having their own unique and custom designed greeting cards.

Not only can the art be used for the card itself, but also used in the office or home as an artwork in its own right.

We now offer a total service for customer in the USA and Australia who want the art created and also the printing and envelopes supplied – all delivered to your door ready to write individual notes.

For Australian customers we can even include writing on the inside of the cards at no extra cost.

Time is short for getting your greeting cards caricature art completed to allow time for cards and postage, so don’t delay, now is a great time to be taking action, no matter if you are a couple, a family or a business – customer Xmas cards will make you stand out from the crowd.

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Children as monkeys caricature

We all know that kids can be little animals, but here is a great caricature of children who are little monkeys (aren’t they all!)

This caricature of kids was created to be applied as a decal on a vehicle, it was a Father’s Day gift caricature.

The caricature art is by Shane. Order your own caricature gift today!

caricature of children as monkeys

Sibling caricature

Here is a nice caricature by artist Luis.

The brief for this brother and sister caricature included specific items on the tshirt, plus props and wording. They also ordered the framed print package. They said:

“The caricature came in today, and it looks great. Thanks for all of your hard work, and it was a pleasure doing business with you.”

siblings caricature

BW caricature of children

Here is a very nice caricature of some children by artist the Zalo. As you can see he has characterized them and they look rather cute and they make a nice group of the younger members of the family.

As you can see Zalo has a unique style that is more characterized than many of the other artists on the site .

If you would like to order a caricature from Zalo, you can do so by clicking here.

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Getting into the new year – caricatures here we come!!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas/New Year break. In some parts of the world it seems weather was the greatest focus, even overshadowing gifts and get-togethers.

So the New Year brings with it renewed hope and a renewed focus on many things, including gifts! At this time of year??

While the big gift giving time seems to be behind us, the early part of the year also presents many gift-giving opportunities.

Often this come from people retiring or moving jobs – caricatures provide wonderful scope for a truly personalised gift that cannot be matched by anything else. How else can you include someone’s traits, quirks, interests and life influences all in one gift?

Our caricatures are total custom. We don’t start with templates, though some customers say a scene just like the one on the artist’s sample page.

And why do people love getting caricatures? Interestingly it seems they like to see how other people see them. They like the bit of quirkiness, and the thought that has often gone into the extra elements to make a good picture great!

So think about who you can give a caricature gift to this year – the opportunities are endless…birthdays, weddings, invitations, retirement, moving job, staff profile pics…

Here is a small selection of some recent work that shows the awesome diversity of styles we can provide to suit everyone!

caricatureartwork caricature gift work custom art artists