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Black and White caricature by Zalo

Here is a nice BW caricature by caricaturist Zalo.

He has his own style, more in the true caricature style than some of the other artists who have a more realistic style, but one that has a loyal following – with many of his customers coming back for more.

click for bigger

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Family caricatures – something special

Having a great photograph of all the extended family is something that is often hard, if not impossible to achieve. From a family history perspective, getting an image with everyone together  is important.

But the truth is that family members live far away, or cannot all get together for the photo. If they can Aunty Mavis has fallen asleep, the kids are distracted and looking in the wrong direction and baby Joe is crying and Mom Lucy is looking frazzled!!

One option is to invest in something special and have a family caricature created. This has many benefits and can achieve things not possible in a photo:

  • You can include everyone, even if they are far away – simply by having a photo of them is enough to have them included and that photo can be taken at your leisure so it shows people how you want them to be shown!
  • Through the addition of props, you can show what their interest is, or something that is associated with them like their occupation.
  • You can get good poses for people as required.
  • By supplying photos of people with a desired expression, you can create unique interactions between family members, like brothers sharing a joke, or Granny pointing and smiling at something one of the kids is doing.
  • Things can be as formal or informal as you wish.

We have some examples of family caricatures of our group caricatures page

Family caricature by artist George

Family caricature by artist George

The final digital product is easily shared around the family, and unlike a professional portrait photographer, you can make as many copies as you like without paying any more.

If you are interested in having a family caricature drawn, please contact Matt via our contact page (or use the live chat tool to the left) for pricing.

Something for Star Wars fans – Darth Vader caricature

If you, or someone you know is a Star Wars fan, here is an opportunity to be part of the dark side….with a Darth Vader caricature.

star wars caricature

star wars caricature

Get yours, or a friends head on this great scene. The dramatic pose and the Death Star background sets a great scene!!

All we need is a good head shot of the person and our talented artist will do the rest!

The image is delivered digitally or we can arrange a poster print (USA and Aust. customers only).

Contact Matt for pricing and details






Caricature greeting cards

I don’t know if you are like me and get a pile of mundane cards in the weeks before Christmas.

Apart from the percentage that are identical on the outside (and some even appear to be almost identical on the inside!) most are uninspiring – send….well I guess because that’s what we do at this time of year.

But Greeting cards are a way to renew relationships, with personal acquaintances, relatives and on the commercial angle, business.

What better way to create an impression, to cut through the sea of stack standard cards than to have your own custom cards.

Sound hard? Well its not. Get a caricature created (we size it up and everything and even put on the text you want) and then have it printed using our print partner (they even supply the envelopes).

Easy – all you have to do is write your personal note inside each one and you have created a memorable moment for each and every person who receives one.

Check out the details here

Caricature Gift Certificate popular for last minute gifts

When it comes to gift giving, time can be our worst enemy. SUDDENLY the event for the gift giving has arrived and that perfect gift, well you want to give something unique, but how and from where is not yet thought about.

Of course we know that the perfect gift is a custom caricature from one of the talented artists at Caricature King.

But as some people discover, it is not always possible to get a caricature in 24-48 hours. Apart from existing workloads, it also takes time to create perfection.

So what to do…..?

An increasing number of people are finding the solution to last minute gift ideas is to give a Caricature Gift Certificate instead.

Easily delivered via email within 24 hours, all you have to do is print it out and hand it over!

caricature gift certificate fpr last minute gifts

The certificate can be for any amount that corresponds to caricature product prices, so if you want to give “2 full bodies in scene, then you can, and the recipient of the gift certificate can then choose which artist they like best!!

Read about how to give a Caricature Gift Certificate