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Army group caricature

Here is a fun group caricature of a bunch of Aussies about to finish their time in Afghanistan. As you can see artist Luis has incorporated some excellent descriptions and ideas by the customers to really capture the individual’s personalities.

This is what caricaturing is all about. Plus having some fun photos to work from!

army group caricature

If you are part of a group, work-team, or any organisation, commissioning a group caricature makes an excellent memento!



Group caricatures are a lot of fun!

Are you a member of a work group, team, squad or side? Thinking about how to celebrate a milestone you have achieved ?

Group caricatures are a fun way to commemorate milestones, disbanding or maybe a member is leaving. A caricature of the group can feature memorable aspects of each person.

Here is a great example by artist Luis. Look closely, everyone has a personal aspect about them included and you can see some quirky things there!

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work team group cariature

All wrapped up

When you beat an opponent, he is all wrapped up – literally!

Customer says “Excellent – I love it. This will be the one of the best gifts I’ve given.  Thanks very much”

Indeed, with caricatures people rarely get as much pleasure from giving anything else!

Art by Luis.

men caricaturemen caricature

Engagement caricature

What better way to announce you engagement than to send out cards that leave no doubt We’re Engaged!! The client added words later for their card.

Tell us what you think.

This art was completed by Luis.  Luis and our other artists are available to start on your job very soon.


engagement caricature

Veteran’s Day – show your veteran as a hero!

November 11 is Veteran’s Day in the USA. Show your veteran as a true hero with the aid of a great caricature!

We can create any scene you wish, any pose and deliver a caricature that can be proudly displayed behind the bar, in the den or in the lounge room.

You need to order ASAP, especially if you want to order the printed option.
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Veteran's caricature