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Get a caricature of your workplace superheros!

In any workplace, there are those that do, and those who excel. What better way of immortalizing the hero’s of the workplace that with a superhero caricature!

Here is a great example of superheros, in this case by John, of what can be done (singly or in a group). We can style on an existing superhero or you can invent your own!

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superheros caricature

Bucket list caricature – sailing

Sailing off into tropical ports sounds like a great idea, and for many people they are lucky enough to turn this into a reality and tick it off their bucket list.

No matter is the trip is a holiday, something for retirement or marks a wedding anniversary, a caricature of the occasion is a great gift idea. Who would have thought that a caricature of a bucket list activity would be so popular, but they are!

This sailing caricature showing a couple marking their 50th wedding anniversary was a well received gift.

Completed by our artist John, you to can order a caricature online that will make a great gift that will have people talking about it as well as how clever you were to think of such a great idea!


From concept for final caricature art

Taking an idea from idea to concept to final art can seem a challenge, especially when the caricature is of a group. But through a proven process, it is not that hard.

Here is an image that shows a very rough concept sketch based on the customer’s description, and the final artwork that resulted. There was a more formal draft stage in between that allowed a little more fine tuning.

When you are considering ordering from Caricature King, think about how you would like the person or persons represented. Everyone is unique and we can portray that uniqueness in the final artwork. We will ask if needed to allow us to get a great idea and evolve this into a memorable gift that that will be treasured by the recipient’s.

Have questions? Just ask!

Dog owner caricature gift

Do you know a pet owner who has a gift giving opportunity coming up? (Birthday/thank-you etc) Why not give them some art of their pet.

Our artists can draw any sort of pet and they make great gifts that are appreciated for years to come.

We also offer a poster print, canvas print and framed print options for the complete package.

Browse our artists and choose the one who’s style you like best!

Scuba diver caricature

Here is a fun caricature of a scuba diver. The coral on the left is specific to the type this marine biologist studies.

Divers can be a bit of a challenge due to the face mask – older styles means the face can still be featured, but modern masks mean the face need to be out of the water as artist John has done here.

The result is great and the client was very happy. See more of John’s work here and here

caricature of scuba diver

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