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Hooked on fishing birthday gift caricature

What could be better than a guy who is hooked on fishing  getting a fishing themed birthday gift caricature! Created by caricature artist Luis, it captures the fun (and possibly danger!) of small boat offshore fishing and will look great as a 16×20 inch poster print.
Happy 50th Perry!!

Fishing caricature

Uncle Ed is a keen fisherman so what better gift (other than a fishing trip) could a man want on his birthday!

Here is a beaut fishing caricature created by artist Harry.  If you have a fisherman (or any other keen sportperson) in your house, we can create a great caricature gift for you.  Just contact us.

Good catch!

Good catch!

Selection of recent caricatures by artist Eddie

Artist Eddie has a unique style reminiscent of live street caricaturists. He like a challenge as some of these custom caricatures shows.

No matter if you have someone to be portrayed as a giant monster lizard, or someone kicking back as they are about to retire or even you and your friends on a boat fishing for sailfish, or even giving your sweetheart a rose!

You can see more here and also on his samples page on the main website.



man playing piano caricature

man playing piano caricature

bobzilla caricature

bobzilla caricature black and white



retirement caricature of man in office

Cricket caricature hits a six

Caricatures featuring a person doing their favorite hobby are popular (see fishing as an example)  as gifts for birthdays and retirement.

Because hobbies are so intrinsic in a person’s life, it is important that details are right. The type of fish and in the case of a cricketer, small details like the bat being just right and how your face gets a bit red, especially on the tops of your cheeks.

Well in the case of the right bat and red cheeks, and even the detail of the uniform, artist Harry has nailed this guy for his 18th birthday. Another fine example of caricature artist Harry’s work.

The Cricketer

The Cricketer

Caricature was an ideal 10th wedding anniversary gift

I am regularly asked for ideas for caricature gifts. When it is for a couple or group, my suggestion is normally to depict some aspect that is common to each person, that each will be able to recognise and appreciate the not only the artwork, but also the thought of the gift giver. Some time the gift giver is in the image, as in this example.

This was the brief given to caricature artist George :

The three of us – husband Rob, Wife Laura and Puppy Lacy in a black and Silver Ranger Bass Boat fishing on a wooded lake. The lake has dead trees and stumps coming out of the water and on one of the trees, there is a snagged light green frog lure dangling from a branch. In the back ground a Bass has jumped out of the water. Laura is wearing a light blue turquoise halter style tankini. Rob is wearing denim shorts and a white three button polo shirt (no Pocket) and lacy has a pink collar with a light purple heart shaped tag that reads LACY. Lacy’s bottom teeth are usually showing over her lip. The whole scene I have described is something my husband and I do almost every day in the summer, so pardon me if I’m being so detailed.

And the result:

10th Anniversary caricature gift

The customer ordered a framed print and this was the response on receipt:

Hey Matt!

I LOVE IT!! It looks great!! Please tell George he is THE BEST!!!!! I wish you could both see the smile on my face!!

It has been a pleasure working with you both!

Thanks so much!!!


If you would like to get a wonderful caricature anniversary gift, please visit caricature artist George’s page


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